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ASTYM treats Ankle and Foot Pain

Eliminate Nagging Foot and Ankle Pain with ASTYM


Are you tired of dealing with your chronic foot and ankle pain?  Often people will try everything from new shoes to expensive orthotics.  If you have tried traditional treatment for foot and ankle pain and it didn’t work, then maybe it is time to try ASTYM.  ASTYM treatment is a type of regenerative therapy that precisely targets scar tissue in the muscles and tendons that cause pain or limit motion or movement.

ASTYM is a safe, effective, research-based treatment can help reduce or altogether eliminate tendonitis, tendonosis, scarring, and degenerative soft tissue problems in the foot and ankle.

Carling Aquatic & Physical Therapy is a certified ASTYM provider.  See why people dealing with chronic foot and ankle pain turn to ASTYM for relief.

I tried everything from shoes to some very expensive orthotics and nothing seemed to help my foot pain.  My doctor referred me to Steve for ASTYM treatment.  Within 4 sessions most of my pain was gone.  After a year of pain I was back walking with my dogs and husband!