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Carling Physical Therapy provides Aquatic Physical Therapy Services to Gilbert and Chandler, AZ.   Our Aquatic Physical Therapy Services, located in Gilbert, AZ, compliments our standard orthopedic services and create an optimal environment for our patients to progress in their rehabilitation.  Located in the heart of Gilbert, allows us to better meet the needs of all Gilbert and Chandler residents.

Aquatic Physical Therapy

What is Aquatic Physical Therapy?

Aquatic Therapy is just that- skill based physical therapy performed in water! The water is frequently warmed to therapeutic temperatures in order to achieve relaxation and improve circulation. Temperatures will vary based on the desired outcomes.

Conditions Treated

We use a mix of specialised equipment including Pilates reformers, trapeze tables, fit balls, foam rollers and more. This equipment is designed specifically for clinical Pilates, promoting correct technique, appropriate resistance levels, and targeted exercises so you can really work your key areas and see results.

Our instructors also spend extra time teaching key muscle contraction techniques, which enables you to get more out of every Pilates workout session.

  Musculoskeletal disorders
  Arthritis management/joint pain
  Athletic/cardiovascular training
  Chronic back pain and lumbar stabilization
  Gait analysis
  Foot, ankle or knee pain
  Short-term therapy with transition to land-based rehabilitation
  Spinal cord injuries
  Brain Injury